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by Dan O'Mahony

Preparing Medtech Supply Chains for a Hard Brexit


All industries seek certainty in their trading environment, but the lifesciences sector is especially risk averse. Medtech companies are built on creating certainty and validated repeatability in their products and processes.

by Stephen Davis

How to Optimise Tail Spend through Vendor Consolidation

 Tail Spend Management is the process of managing the long tail of a supply chain, namely the procurement of indirect goods, small value orders and ad-hoc purchases.

by Olive Ojo

Reducing Cost & Complexity in Med Tech Supply Chains

Procurement functions are becoming increasingly constrained by insufficient resources. As a result, a growing number of med tech companies have begun to outsource the procurement of non-core materials and empowered supply chain partners to manage Approved Vendor Lists (AVLs) on their behalf.

by Dan O'Mahony

Reduce Cost & Complexity by Outsourcing the Production of Legacy Medical Devices

By outsourcing the production of legacy medical devices to a contract manufacturing organisation (CMO), business unit managers can satisfy customer demands and maintain a minimum margin.

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